Separating Wheat from the Chaff

There is a saying about separating wheat from chaff, essentially separating the positive wheat from the useless chaff.


For different reasons, a number of Bermudians who may have been frustrated three years ago decided to vote for OBA. Many of them would consider themselves critical thinkers and or swing voters.

Voters who feel that they vote on issues rather than individuals. Voters who vote on principles and not party.

Additionally, in many ways you cannot blame them considering that the UBP was given 18 months to rebrand itself.


they had:-

Slick flyers, video adverts, opens and talking points

The OBA adverts primarily targeted the black community who has always had the majority of swing/uncommitted voters.

It was a marketing job made in political heaven.

Now that substance has been revealed as non-existent and suffocation has become the order of the day for many Bermudians are waking up to this reality.

Many people are now saying “I now have to admit that I really hoped that they would be different from the UBP and so I voted OBA.”

Since the OBA have revealed their true agenda many of these swing voters are now openly stating that they did not vote to support the host of anti-Bermudian policies coming from the OBA.

Essentially many feel that their vote and trust was violated.

Many are civil servants who voted under the last-minute OBA promise of job security.

Many are seniors who voted under the OBA promise of protecting their “golden years.”

Many are young Bermudians who voted under the OBA promise of more attention to public education

The list goes on. I fully understand why many of them who voted OBA in the last election did so.

The one constant is that many of them are now totally disillusioned with the OBA promises and in some cases politics on a whole.


Out among the people of this island a new narrative has taken hold. Bermudians do not want the PLP to be merely the party that wins by default because many no longer trust the OBA.

I fully agree with these sentiments.

Do not merely support the PLP only out of frustration with the policies of the OBA.

This is the time for Bermudians to take ownership of our future by taking an active role in charting proactive policies that put Bermudians first in the country of their birth.

Let those who want your vote show you that they have the best interests of Bermudians at heart.

Objectivity in political opinions and choices is the sign of a healthy democracy.

Bermuda, it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff.


One thought on “Separating Wheat from the Chaff

  1. “The list goes on. I fully understand why many of them who voted OBA in the last election did so”.

    I sense you have forgotten probably the key reason why some of us voted for the OBA and not the PLP last time.

    Trust, or should I say – lack of it to be able to manage the economy in a more prudent and sensible way.

    And it is one of the key areas that – as yet – the PLP have yet to demonstrate in their role as Opposition, that they have changed.


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