I am not my hair.I am a soul that lives within.

“I am not my hair

I am not this skin

 I am not your expectations no no

I am a soul that lives within”

India Irie

I have spent the last Four years helping out my wife in her salon. Booking appointments and any other task she assigns me. Hair and nails, wax on, wax off. I have learned a few things from being there.

  • The customer is always right;
  • Customer service will “make or break” any business
  • Give women exactly what they ask for

Over the years I have noticed a trend among many Bermudian women. They are no longer putting chemicals in their hair or running a hot comb through their follicles. They are either cutting their hair low or braiding it up in various styles. Bottom line: the trend is flowing towards wearing their hair in its natural form.

There are a variety of natural hair styles;

  • Kinky Twist
  • Rope Twist
  • Box Braids
  • Invisible Braids
  • Inside Big Braids
  • Mohawk
  • Texturized

I am not sure why each and every lady decides to go natural or to take the “Big Chop BC” and take off all of the permed hair. Some do it as it is the latest trend. Some do it as they are tired of putting that “creamy crack” relaxers in their hair.

Whilst others do it because they just want to wear their hair short.


One need only look at other ethnicities and see that everyone else is proud of their natural hair — so why should black women not be proud of their natural hair? We have to stop buying into the concept that Eurocentric looks are the only true indicators of beauty.

This whole ‘Nice Hair’ syndrome is wack.

D Yellas

Too many black men worldwide have fallen into a trap with regards to what we ideally look for in women.

Many of us have visions of the Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce mould as our ideal catch. Along the way, we subconsciously reject the darker skinned and or natural hair black women. According to society and media influences we must aim for the ‘Yella with nice hair’.

I have three daughters, who differ in skin tone and hair texture. I let them know it is about what is in their heads, not on their heads, that determines their beauty.

To my brothers, we need to be supportive of our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters in helping them to realize they do not have to look like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez, in order for us to say their hair looks great. Tell them we love them in their God given state.


To all my beautiful black women, ‘Define your own beauty and create your own Runway’.

To my beautiful black women, you can transform your natural hair into true works of art with a bit of care, compassion and calculated combing. There are many natural hair products out there to maintain what God gave you. I thank you for taking the BC (Big Chop) and going all natural.

Love always.

Chris ‘The Bald guy.’

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