Upgrade Ourselves

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone . . . ”

John 8:7


In my recent previous columns we examined the social and individual changes we need to examine as a country.

I purposely use the term “we” as I will not exonerate myself from some of these shortfalls of human nature.

Let us continue this journey of change and evolution, shall we?

Work Ethic

Bermuda is no longer “another world”. We are now part of the “global village”.

We now compete with other employees in and from other countries. Our work efficiency as Bermudians needs to take it up a level.

Whether it is through constant training, retooling for expanded responsibilities, more attention to detail or positively engaging with internal and external clients.

Like apps on our smartphones, the world is constantly upgrading and evolving. Likewise, we as the Bermudian workforce must constantly upgrade and evolve.


Senior Care

As life expectancy goes up, love expectancy goes down.

Many of us are blessed to still have our parents and grandparents on the vertical side of “Chippo” Augustus.

Pharmaceutical advances have us believing our seniors will be here forever, while our seniors ask themselves, “How long must I suffer this loneliness?” Seniors have Future Care, yet they have less and less Future Love.

We need to take every spare moment we have to engage with and learn from our elders. Their bodies fail, yet minds and spirits get stronger. Do not wait until it is too late to show them the love they so rightfully deserve.

Why rely on Google when you have Granny?

They only have like 70-plus years of knowledge to transfer to us. Engage an elder, get upgraded and evolve.

SeniorCare.jpg 2

Personal Responsibility

I purposely have chosen to discuss topics that cut across the board with all demographics. Why?

In a continuing climate of racial and political division, coupled with economic depression, we need to remember we all are human.

We all encounter 90 per cent of the same challenges.

We all love our country and we all love our people. Yet we don’t see ourselves, or treat each other, as equals.

We separate ourselves by colour, economic class or political affiliation. Then we blame our woes on “those people over there”.

We sit and wonder why our young men destroy themselves and each other?

In our “self-imposed” division, we ourselves have become the “Ultimate Gangs of Bermuda”.

Take some time to go beyond your usual social circles.

Invite someone at work to your home or take a home-cooked dish to theirs. Ease up blogging away on Facebook or WhatsApp. Ask and offer to meet someone in person for a real face-to-face experience.

I can guarantee it will be worth your while.

Bermuda, we must evolve as equals. Perhaps a far-fetched dream. However, what is the alternative?

Thank you for the support and constructive feedback over the past three years. You have helped me to upgrade my ability to tell Bermuda’s stories.

It means much.

As Bob Marley would say “One Love”.

As John Lennon would say, “All we need is love”.

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